27 August, 2010

Job Letters

Job Letters

  • Never underestimate the power of correspondence in your job search process.

Because there is no single formula or model of job application applicable for all occasions, we describe and provide examples and templates of letters you may use in your international job search:

  • Job Cover letters,

  • Thank you letters,

  • Job Acceptance letters,

  • Job Reference letters,

  • Job Reference lists,

  • Job Rejection letters.
Experienced job letter's writers follow these basic principles:

  1. Job letters should be brief, demonstrating that you understand the value of the reader's time.

  2. Avoid lengthy job letters exceeding 1 page.

  3. Ensure that you include your contact address, e-mail and phone/fax numbers.

  4. Place the most important items first, supported by facts.

  5. In your job letters be positive in tone, content and expectations.

  6. Do not add to your letters details about yourself or your past experience that may call attention to your weaknesses.

  7. Use active voice and powerful action verbs in your writing to hold the reader's interest and convey a sense of energy.

  8. Group similar items together in a paragraph.

  9. Organize paragraphs so that they relate to each other logically.

  10. Always back up general statements with facts or examples.

  11. Documentation creates credibility, reduces uncertainty and abstraction for the reader.

  12. Avoid jargon and cliches.

  13. Check the spelling and grammar in all correspondence. If you are not confident of your ability to detect grammatical, punctuation or English usage errors or if you need help in organizing your letters, bring your correspondence to a professional for assistance